The ferret finder


My well used ferret finder…………….

Ever had that sinking feeling you cannot locate your ferret, or they have held up in a blind and you know you could be waiting for hours. Well there is an answer.

Not only that losing a ferret can not only be devastating, in some circumstances it could also lead to unforeseen environmental consequences; no one wants to see ferrets becoming a feral pest as has occurred  in some parts of New Zealand.

So what is the answer – a Deben ferret finder.

My grandfather first introduced them to me, over 35 years ago when it was a square grey, dull box with limited range and suffered interference. However believe it or not it’s the same company that still makes them today, an English company Deben. The newer versions have improved technology and practical aesthetics. The bright orange colour is great and makes it so much easier when you inadvertently leave it on the ground as you start digging, and the issue of interference has pretty much resolved.

Use in the field

Once you gain some practice in its use, you can easily locate a held up ferret with extremely good accuracy, a word of caution though, when you think you are close with the digging I neat trick my grandfather used, is to use a probing needle to just ensure you don’t over dig and ruin all that hard work. Whilst the finder works really well, I am old school and I like to ensure am not going to put the spade through the rabbit or worse my pals – the ferrets.

I have been using my ferret finder for a number of years now and at this point have not been to fault it. I have learnt to carry a spare 9V battery for the receiver, as nothing worse than having a flat battery in the field.

The ferret finder also helps you to understand how each of your ferrets work. For example one of my ferrets Bandit if he catches one unground is quick to kill and then he moves on or comes out of the warren, though he will return to check his catch, on these occasions  I have been able to locate these without too much trouble by using the ferret finder.

There has been an occasion when digging the ferret out I have pulled three or four rabbits one after another all held up in a blind. So when you pull out the first rabbit, it pays to feel around just in case there are one or two more.

Ferret finders are well worth their money, they save hours of waiting and incredibly accurate and I don’t leave home without it.

Note any hole dug on a property should always be filled back in as the reason you’re out hunting is to remove the rabbits because the rabbits hole are damaging the land.

This product review is our personal opinion only and is not paid or sponsored advertisement – the honest hunter


Ferret Finder Mk3 M
The finder finder indicates a ferret is nearby beeping at different speeds, the faster speed the closer the collar is, the new finders will actually tell you how far down the ferret is, they even work with multiple ferrets. 

The version I purchased features a low profile transmitting collar and a receiver with a ‘search’ and ‘locate’ LED display and varying pitch sounder, closer to the ferret the increased frequency of the beep. The 10 LED display indicates distance from the ferret and a varying pitch sounder increases in pitch, as the receiver approaches the collar.

The ferret finder has a range of 16 feet combined with a sensitive close-up accuracy means the new Ferret Finder 3 is more flexible than ever. In search mode the working range is up to 16ft (5m) and in the locate mode the working range is reduced to 8ft (2.5m) for ultra-accurate, ‘close-in’ location.

Performance & reliability
The unique receiver circuit is able to detect the signal transmitted by the collar and to reject interference from elsewhere. The receiver has magnetic switches which operate the on/off facility and a search/locate facility. In short good battery life with the collar battery life, I understand of over 300 hours.
Rabbiting with multiple ferrets
Ferret Finder 3 can be also used to locate more than one ferret – simply purchase additional collars.

The receiver can be purchased in a variety of colours, graphite/grey or high visibility orange, though I have only seen the dark colours available.

The Collar
The transmitting collar is fully waterproof and compatible with all Mk3 receivers. The new transmitting module is switched on and off magnetically so there is no need to remove the batteries after use. Battery life is over 300hrs and the transmitting module uses a traditional leather collar.