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Hi welcome to my blog the Honest Hunter. My name is Shauna Mayben Pickin I am an artist and goldsmith who is passionate about food, hunting and foraging.

I live in Hobart, Tasmania on a small suburban block that I share with two big dogs, five furry ferrets and my Husband, Adrian Pickin. 

Every piece of our small block is used to grow veggies, herbs and native edibles, such as salt bush, pepper berry, myrtle just to mention a few. We love animals, but we also aim to take responsibility for our meat were it comes from and how its processed see here for more 

Together we travel around Tasmania forging from hedgerows, to back roads, hunting forest and field to find the best ingredients for many meals.

I would like to share with you all my hunting experiences, foraged finds and many recipes. As well as conversations with locals and observations  from around Tasmania.

I believe food should be honest and I truly believe there is something honest about growing, foraging and hunting for my food. 

This is my story.